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Beyond the Pour: Andrew Robles, Sales and Supply Execution Manager

Our employees serve as key ambassadors for more than 125 owned, licensed and partner brands in the Keurig Dr Pepper portfolio. Sales and Supply Execution Manager Andrew Robles always employs a Team First mindset when connecting with retailers and our frontline team. From the city traffic of Dallas to the sandy beaches of Corpus Christi, Andrew leverages his passion for sales to help our teams deliver big results. Uncover the story of Andrew’s career journey at Keurig Dr Pepper, characterized by his unwavering resilience and dedication

What inspired you to pursue a career in sales?

The sense of achievement that sales brings me is a big reason why I decided to pursue this career. I get a kick out of facing daunting tasks that seem unsolvable and lead you to question whether a solution truly exists. Something about being told, “No,” or, “It can’t be done,” really lights a fire in my belly and drives me to show people that it can, in fact, be done. Selling to someone not only grows your product and your skill set, but it also opens doors to relationships with people who you may have never met.

Describe your career path. What brought you to your current role?

Nothing about my career path is conventional. Life threw me an unexpected curve ball that pushed me to choose between continuing my education or jumping into the workforce. I chose the latter. I took my first role in Direct Store Delivery (DSD) as a merchandiser and that is all I needed to know I belonged in the beverage business. Although this was the cornerstone to my career, I thirsted for more. After a year as a merchandiser, I was recruited by KDP as an Account Manager in the backroom of a retailer and the rest was history. As I grew into my role, I craved more knowledge on the inner workings of DSD. I advanced as a Lead Account Manager, District Sales Supervisor and now a Sales and Supply Execution Manager. Looking back, it sounds like a meticulously planned strategy, but it was nothing of the sort. Hard work, hope, integrity and passion have always kept me centered in my work. I believe these values helped place me where I am today.

What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a career in sales?

A career in sales is like working on a rollercoaster; it never tops off or bottoms out. There are always opportunities with the customer and with oneself. In my short-lived work history, I have realized that you need a few things to succeed in sales, beginning with someone who will give you honest feedback and hold you accountable. You must have an inner desire to be the best and tie it to a vision (think 5- and 10-year plans including family, friends and faith). Lastly, you must be willing to fail because when you fail, you learn; and learning leads to success.

Can you share ways you have developed at KDP (mentoring, training, etc.)?

I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for the leaders I’ve had and the failures I have experienced. Early on in my career, I was mentored by a few supervisors who have become my closest friends and accountability partners. My mentors have always been forthcoming and advised me on how to better my strategy when calling on internal and external leaders. A willingness to take criticism and digest it into actionable improvement is the biggest contributor to my development. This led me to complete my associate degree, change my approach as a leader in the field and ultimately become better personally and professionally.

What do you enjoy most about KDP?

What I enjoy most about KDP is the embodiment of one of our core values, Team First. Throughout my career, I have always been able to connect with people who have taken the time to guide me on how to better myself in both my professional and personal life. The ability to connect with these mentors has propelled my career growth.