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Beyond the Pour: YoLanda Roach, Senior Manager Master Data

Our employees here at Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) bring together a diverse set of skills and experience that result in high-performing teams. Throughout her career at KDP, YoLanda Roach, Senior Manager Master Data, has held 13 various roles across multiple areas of the business, gaining a breadth of knowledge that empowers her work. As a self-proclaimed life learner, YoLanda constantly seeks opportunities to expand her impact within the organization such as taking on new projects and serving as a Co-Chair for our African Americans & Allies Employee Resource Group.

What does a day in your role look like?

Each day is unique. I have the responsibility of managing over 2 million KDP customers, vendors and suppliers and finance data records. My teams and I ensure such data objects are maintained timely and accurately so customers receive their orders, vendors and suppliers are paid and expenses are allocated to proper finance record. In addition, I collaborate with business partners to achieve shared company objectives through numerous projects such as system enhancements involving data and mergers & acquisitions.

Who/What inspired you to pursue a career in Master Data Management (MDM)?

There are many aspects of MDM that inspire my career. Data is the foundation for what we do here at KDP, and it is evolving rapidly. MDM plays a key role in most parts of our business cycle and I am driven to meet those demands with excellence.

Describe your career path. What brought you to your current role?

My career path has been a rewarding journey here at KDP. I have had 13 roles within seven unique areas of the business. I previously worked in MDM earlier in my career on the pricing team. I was then working in Supply Chain and was approached about a potential opportunity to return to MDM. The position was a lateral career move. I had the rule that I would only change roles if I was learning something new and/or if there was promotion involved. After careful consideration, I assessed the role and determined it would be beneficial. This opportunity gave me an introduction to learning the Direct Store Delivery business.

What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a career in MDM?

The devil is in the details!” If you enjoy analytics, problem-solving and large datasets, MDM is the place for you.

Can you share ways you have developed at KDP (mentoring, training, etc.)?

I’m a life-learner. I am intrigued about ongoing development and nimble learning. Returning to college for my master’s degree was an eye-opener. I thought this would be my last time in a classroom. At the time, the learning environment was growing beyond the traditional classroom to the virtual environment. In that moment, I recognized the rapid change in technology and the necessity to continuously cultivate sought-after skills. I challenge myself annually to improve by either taking a course and/or volunteering for a task that I have not done before. It’s so rewarding to share these learnings with my team members.