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Since 2018, Keurig Dr Pepper’s internship program has been dedicated to providing meaningful opportunities for students to grow within their dedicated area of study.

This year, 55 interns from 40 different colleges joined our R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales and supply chain teams in the field or at one of our KDP corporate offices for a hands-on experience.

From envisioning and testing new products to researching and marketing the way our products are positioned, our interns gained valuable and practical career skills while supporting projects that have a direct impact on the future of Keurig Dr Pepper.

Here are a few highlights from this summer’s intern cohort:  

Alejandra Lugo, Supply Chain Intern – Frisco, Texas
Alejandra Lugo, Supply Chain Intern – Frisco, Texas

“I got hands-on experience in supply chain operations and had the privilege to make a real impact by being part of an optimization project. Listening to the career experiences of the talented professionals I got to interact with has expanded my perspective on the industry and the possibilities that lie ahead. Their guidance has provided me with valuable advice that I will carry forward in my endeavors. This opportunity has solidified my passion for the industry, and I am excited to see where this path leads me in the future!”

Houston Phillips, National Retail Sales Analyst Intern – Frisco, TX

“I owe a significant part of my growth and experience to my mentor. Our weekly check-ins were more than just routine catchups, they were pivotal moments of guidance, insight and support. The unwavering commitment to my development played a crucial role in the strides I made during my internship.”

Nithya Eluri, Information Technology Systems Intern – Frisco, TX

“My favorite part of the internship has been the ‘Lunch & Learn’ events. These are events to meet leaders across the company to learn about their roles and journeys to KDP. It has been a very valuable opportunity to network with various leaders and ask them questions about their impact.”

Benjamin Bowman, Multisite Engineering Intern – Allentown, PA

“During my ten weeks at the manufacturing plant, I learned so much about the food and beverage industry. I was able to participate in projects that made positive impacts on the business and built upon many of my existing technical skills. Shadowing projects that my team members were managing was a great learning experiences that showed me what really goes into the production process, and I cannot wait to take all the lessons I learned this summer into my future roles.”

Byron Swetman, Manufacturing Intern – Ottumwa, IA

“From operators to managers, every person in the plant provided guidance throughout my internship and I learned so much about production, quality, bottling and sanitization processes. The experience goes beyond career skills and into personal development. I cannot wait to continue embracing KDP’s core values: Team First, Deliver Big, Think Bold, and Be Fearless and Fair.”

Brendan Halaby, HR Intern – Columbus, OH

“During my time at KDP, I played a key part in the female frontline initiative where I got to provide new ideas and develop a playbook of best practices and strategies to attract and retain women in the frontline. It was an experience I will forever be grateful for!”

Raeley Wilson, Sales Analysis Intern – Rogers, AR

“I can’t describe how instrumental this role has been toward the development of my future career. Throughout my time at KDP, I delivered accurate and strong data reports, created strategic and persuasive sales analyst presentations and contributed to cross-functional innovation process tracking for sales, distribution, attainment and performance. I am so grateful for this opportunity and excited to see where my future leads me!”

Mia Dischiavo, Environmental Health & Safety Intern – Essex, VT

“Over the course of my internship I was introduced to EH&S functions in a manufacturing environment through collaborating on company-wide projects, attending workshops and reporting out to site leadership on the progress of my work. A major highlight for me was developing an Air Impact Evaluation for the Williston, Vermont, production site. Doing so allowed me to dive deep into an area I did not have experience in prior to my internship.”